I Need a Break

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All the time and effort I have been putting into promoting my self and my art has taken it's toll on me. I'm exhausted, no, I'm discouraged and completely wiped out.

I have been working diligently, 12 to 16 hours a day on this,from day one til now, from developing new artworks, to uploading and all the other necessary work to be done here on Fine Art America, to promotional efforts like social media, elsewhere and everything else that comes with selling art and promotion, etc and it's tiring. So very exhausting.. I'm feeling burnt out from it all and I'm losing confidence in ever making any sales here. It's disheartening and overwhelmingly tedious work and I just need a break from it... even if just for a few days.

So I'm going to take a well needed break so I can meditate and reflect on some things, perhaps work on my personal blog and other things.. I love creating beautiful images, but I'm beginning to think that perhaps FAA is not the place to sell art I had hoped it was. I feel like a needle in a haystack being tricked and misled.so that's why I need to step back and take a break for a little bit. So I can think more clearly.