Hopeful for an Exhibition this Summer

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I'm excited and very hopeful for my first exhibition & public sale this summer and have goals for a few, so, fingers crossed. I just took the first steps, now for a boatload of work and planning, and hopefully I sell enough prints to finance the exhibitions. I may seek out grants and/or other funding. I have ideas, yet do not have the investment capital, so, I have a huge, demanding project ahead of me. Would love to network with geographically close artists here for possible collaboration, tent/table sharing at events, etc.

I know one thing, I do plan on selling prints at the exhibition, yet will have the printing done by another source not connected with FAA since the base price is less than $100 for a 36x24 canvas. The starting base prices here are a huge factor for many consumers and I have to take that into consideration. Not like attendees at the exhibition will be carrying $500 to buy a print at an exhibition showcasing 100+ other local artists. It's a family oriented event, not an art collectors thingy majiggy for big wigs and museums.

I'd love to hear some feedback from you on this.